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The Math and Science Partnership Network

MSPnet is an electronic community that serves NSF's STEM+C and MSP programs.
It welcomes all educators and researchers interested in improving Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

The majority of resources generated by NSF projects are available to the public at large and we invite you to visit our library, join MSPnet Academy webinars and sign-up for our newsletter. Members of funded MSP, CE21 and STEM+C projects are encouraged to log-in and make use of Project Spaces for collaboration.


The library contains over 1900 articles of interest to leaders engaged in K-12 science and mathematics education reform. Browse the Library

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Alternative Student Growth Measures for Teacher Evaluation: Implementation Experiences of Early-Adopting Districts, Moira McCullough, Brittany English, et al., IES, US Department of Education, National Center For Education E. July 2015

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Misattribution of Teacher Value-Added, Umut Ozek, Zeyu Xu, CALDER. May 2015

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The Effects of Model Choice on Estimates of Teacher Effectiveness, Edgar I. Sanchez, Yan Zhou, ACT Research & Policy. April 2015

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Teacher Evaluations in an Era of Rapid Change: From "Unsatisfactory" to "Needs Improvement", Chad Aldeman, Carolyn Chuong, Bellwether Education Partners. August 2014

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RSVP Now! Hierarchical Linear Modeling: Understanding Applications in the MSP Projects
Presenters: Emma Espel and Karen Drill
Date: September 16, 2015 3:00 PM (Eastern)
RSVP Now! Values-Engaged Educative (VEE) evaluation approach
Presenters: Ayesha Boyce, Lizanne Destefano, Jennifer Greene
Date: September 24, 2015 3:00 PM (Eastern)
"Concepts And Reasoning For Calculus Learning"
Marilyn Carlson from The Pathways Project at Arizona State University, discusses a program that has proven effective in improving teaching of precalculus concepts, as well as students' chances of success in more advanced mathematics.