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The Math and Science Partnership Network

MSPnet is an electronic community that serves NSF's MSP and STEM+C programs.
It welcomes all educators and researchers interested in improving Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

The majority of resources generated by NSF projects are available to the public at large and we invite you to visit our library, join MSPnet Academy webinars and sign-up for our newsletter. Members of funded MSP, CE21 and STEM+C projects are encouraged to log-in and make use of Project Spaces for collaboration.

NEW MSP Papers

This week we feature three new papers and a video from the EngrTEAMS MSP.
The Impact of Design-Based STEM Integration Curricula on Student Achievement in Engineering, Science, and Mathematics, S. Selcen Guzey, Michael Harwell, Mario Moreno, Yadira Peralta, Tamara J. Moore, Journal of Science Education and Technology, April 2017.
Student Interest in Engineering Design-Based Science, S. Selcen Guzey, Tamara J. Moore, Gillian Morse, School Science and Mathematics, December 2016.
Building Up STEM: An Analysis of Teacher-Developed Engineering Design-Based STEM Integration Curricular Materials," Siddika Selcen Guzey, Tamara J. Moore, Michael Harwell, Journal of Pre-College Engineering Education Research (J-PEER), 2016.

2017 STEM for All Video Showcase

This week's featured video is from the EngrTEAMS MSP. View more MSP and STEM+C project videos in the 2017 STEM for All Video Showcase.
Title: Engineering Design in the Classroom: The EngrTEAMS Curriculum Project
Presenter(s):Tamara Moore, Cynthia Stevenson
Description: The Next Generation Science Standards and many state standards documents call for teachers to use engineering design to teach science in the classroom. The EngrTEAMS project is a curriculum development and coaching project that has focused on engineering design in the intermediate and middle level classrooms. Throughout the professional development experiences, classroom implementation of curricula, and participation in STEM coaching, engineering design is a central theme. Through the stories and experiences of the teachers and researchers in our project, we can learn about the highlights and most rewarding aspects of using engineering design in the intermediate and middle grades science classrooms.