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Webinars - Information for Presenters

To help presenters prepare for an upcoming webinar using the Adobe Connect tool, we offer some information and suggestions. Please note that in order to use this tool, your computer must have at least version 12 of Adobe's Flash player plug-in. Click here to verify the version of Flash you have installed on your computer.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

About the Adobe Connect Webinar

The Adobe Connect Webinar tool offers many features that can be used in your online presentation to do the following:
  • Feature multiple presenters
  • Record your presentation to be archived and shared
  • Share your screen and applications
  • Share documents
  • Collaborate with participants using the whiteboard
  • Play prerecorded video clips
  • Chat privately or with the entire participant group
  • Deliver presentations using PowerPoint and Adobe Presenter
  • Show live video (of you or other presenters, etc.)
  • Gather feedback with polling
  • Promote interaction with breakout rooms
  • Document and answer questions

For detailed information on using the features of Adobe Connect tool, please visit: (Here, expand "Adobe Connect Meeting," you can access links to useful help topics.)

Preparing the Webinar

Once a webinar is scheduled, changes can still be made to the title, date/time, description, etc. using "Edit this Webinar" under Webinar Options). Invite more people to the webinar at any time using the "create invitation" button on this webinar's page. Sending invitations is an important step in getting the word out and providing invitees an easy way to RSVP, receive reminders, and join in the webinar when it begins.

In addition, all presenters and moderators of a webinar can use the "prepare webinar now" button at any time ahead of the scheduled time to launch Adobe Connect and practice with the tool or upload any files to be used in the presentation. These practice sessions can run for up to 30 minutes at a time. If you need longer, you can use this button for another prepare session in the future.

Note: You may want to assign a moderator to help presenter(s) facilitate the webinar, especially if it's for a larger audience. The moderator can answer or collect questions for the presenter(s) that attendees type during the presentation and monitor hands that are raised throughout. A moderator can also help share the microphone if there are multiple presenters in the webinar.

Uploading presentation files
Before the webinar begins, you can upload files that you plan to use (PowerPoint presentations, etc.) during the actual webinar so that they are saved and ready to go. The file types that can be added to share include: PowerPoint, Adobe PDF documents, JPEG and GIF, Flash (SWF), Flash Video (FLV), MP3 audio, HTML, Adobe Captivate movies, and Zip files.

To upload, use the "Prepare Webinar Now" button to launch the Adobe Connect webinar tool and you will see "Share my Screen" in the large Share pod. Clicking this drop-down gives you 3 choices -- Share My Screen, Share Document, and Share Whiteboard. Choose 'Share Document' to browse your computer for the file(s) to upload and save here. During the actual webinar, again choose Share Document to find and select the file(s) in the saved listing to share with participants.

Note: Once you have uploaded a PowerPoint presentation, be sure to scroll through the slides to check the formatting that may have changed during the conversion. You may find this resource useful as you prepare your presentation:

'Share My Screen' and 'Share Whiteboard'
These are the 2 additional Share options in the Share pod that are available to use during a webinar. 'Share My Screen' enables you to share your desktop, applications (web browsers to show websites, etc.), or windows on your computer. 'Share Whiteboard' can also be used to add text, draw, or annotate presentation slides or application screens on your computer.

For more information about sharing content, please use visit:

Starting the Webinar

One of the designated presenters/moderators must use the 'start webinar now' button on the webinar page to launch it for invitees to join up to 60 minutes before the designated start time. Once started, you need to be sure to:

Start Meeting Audio
In order for participants to hear you, each other, and for you to hear them, audio has to be started. By default, attendees will have the choice to listen via their computer speakers (and speak via their enabled microphone) or by using a phone conference line.

To start the audio, select "Start Meeting Audio" from the Audio Menu at the top of the Adobe screen. Confirm that they can use a phone or their computers to join OR you can change if you prefer them to all use a phone line or all use their computers. If participants are using computers, you may want to select "Enable microphone rights for participants" if they will have a chance to ask questions throughout the webinar. Note that this can also be enabled during the webinar.

Choosing Audio for the Webinar
Once audio is started, you will be prompted to join the audio. We recommend the first choice - Dial out. You provide your phone number and you will immediately be called to join. Note: If the phone line is being used in the webinar, a presenter/moderator must use a phone line to start the audio conference.

Using the phone overall is easier and tends to make the conference run more smoothly. Choosing dial-out (vs. dial-in, where you call in to the conference line) also is easier, especially if webinars are recorded and archived. 

Recording a Webinar
If you would like the webinar to be recorded so that it can be archived and viewed by others in the future, be sure to choose "Start Recording" from the Meeting menu in the upper left toolbar when you are ready for recording to begin. A red circle in the top right corner will then appear and display during the recorded time. To stop the recording at any time, click on this red circle or use the Meeting menu.

After the webinar is over, presenters/moderators will be emailed when these recordings are ready and available for publishing on the site to share with others. At this time, presenters can decide who will have access to the recording -- invitees of the webinar, MSPnet members, and/or the public.

During the Webinar

Managing Participants
Clicking on individual names in the Attendees pod enables moderators to manage participants individually during the webinar. Click on a name to enable their audio/video, request screen share, promote them to be a presenter, or send a private chat message.

Using Hand-raising
Participants are able to raise their hand so that the presenter/moderator can call on them as a way to manage the online discussion. If this is going to be used, a moderator should run through how to raise hands before the presentation begins. Participants will find the option to raise their hand under the green status (person) icon in the upper toolbar. Moderators can use the Attendees pod to view the list of participants and monitor the hands raised, etc.

Using a Pointer During the Presentation
The Whiteboard tools can be used with a PowerPoint presentation and the Share pod to help you guide participants. For a pointer, click on the arrow button at the top of the Share pod. Next to the pointer, the Draw button will activate the whiteboard tools so that you can annotate slides, etc.

Instructions for Participants
Depending on the format of the webinar, we recommend that moderators/presenters share these instructions with participants as they begin the webinar:
  • Please mute your phone (or microphone) until after the main presentation, at which time the presenter will invite questions.
  • If you are connected via your computer's audio, please use headphones or a headset to prevent feedback from your computer into the conference audio.
  • If you chose to dial in (rather than have the system dial out to you) you should choose "Mute Conference Audio" under the green speaker icon in the upper left toolbar.
  • Instruct participants whether or not the presenter invites hand-raising during the talk or if they should wait until it is finished.
  • Use the chat and/or the Q&A pod (if used) to post messages and questions during the webinar to others.

Q&A pod (if being used):
The Q&A window can serve as a "parking lot" for questions participants may have during the presentation. Once completed, the presenter can then go through the Q&A to answer these questions verbally. A moderator(s) can also help prioritize and answer these questions.

Other Customizations
To learn more about customizing and using the webinar for your presentation, please visit: (Here, expand "Adobe Connect Meeting," you can access links to useful help topics.).

Editing a Recorded Webinar

Instructions can be found at the following URL on Adobe's web site:

If you have additional questions, please contact us.