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Awardees Orientation
Virtually through
Tuesday, May 26, 2015, 9:00am to 1:00pm EDT
9:00 AM Welcome Evan Heit (DD EHR/DRL) and Introductions of PIs, Kathleen Bergin EHR/DUE (15 min)
9:15 AM Financial Management: Obligations and Responsibilities, Denise Martin, Rashawn Farrior (DGA) and David Campbell EHR/DRL(35 min) Download Slides Download Slides
9:50 AM Break (10 min)  
10:00 AM Meet FY14 Funded Projects (40 min)  
10:40 AM Annual Progress Reports, Kathleen Bergin (10 min) Download Slides
10:50 AM Management Information System, Molly Hershey-Arista, Westat (25 min) Download Slides
11:15 AM Meet your NSF Program Officer, David Haury, Chris Hoadley, Mike Erlinger, Teri Murphy, and Kathleen Bergin (10 min)  
11:25 AM Break (15 min)  
11:40 AM First Year Opportunities and Challenges, April Strom, Scottsdale Community College (35 min) Download Slides
12:15 PM Technical Evaluation Assistance in Mathematics and Science (TEAMS), John Sutton (RMC Research Corp.) (20 min) Download Slides
12:35 PM MSPnet, Joni Falk and Kim Descoteaux, TERC (20 min) Download Slides
12:55 PM Next-Steps, Kathleen Bergin  

Webinar Recordings

Welcome and Introductions

Financial Management: Obligations and Responsibilities

Meet FY14 Funded Projects

Annual Progress Reports

Management Information System

Meet your NSF Program Officer

First Year Opportunities and Challenges

Technical Evaluation Assistance in Mathematics and Science (TEAMS)