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NSF MSP Solicitation 12-518: Preparation of Partnership Proposals

The webinar has ended.


NSF Program Officers in the MSP program will discuss eligibility criteria, characteristics of Partnership proposals, the four focal areas in the new Solicitation, and the two funding levels and types (Prototype and Implementation) of Partnership projects.

*Please Note: Webinar chat is not available in the webinar recording, you must download it separately by clicking on the links below.
Also related to the webinar "chat," there are two more important pieces of information.
  • There are a few (3) items that have been edited to be consistent with the information in the solicitation.
  • Also, there are several items that we did not have the opportunity to respond to during the webinar.
If you still have questions about these items, or if you have new questions as your Partnership works to develop its innovative Targeted Partnership proposal, we encourage you to contact one of the MSP Program Officers listed in Solicitation 12-518.
View Solicitation Information
View the recording of the webinar offered by Jim Hamos on the MSP Solicitation that took place on 12/20/11