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NSF MSP Solicitation 12-518: Preparation of Partnership Proposals


Program Officers in the MSP program discuss the eligibility criteria, characteristics of Partnership proposals, the four focal areas in the new Solicitation, and the two funding levels and types (Prototype and Implementation) of Partnership projects.

You may download slides* from this presentation. Use the "view recording" button above to view the full webinar archive.
*Please Note: These slides have been revised
Several slides from this webinar have been updated as a result of later discussion. Slides 12 and 13 now accurately reflect that only PIs/co-PIs are limited to submit one proposal per focal area; institutions may submit as many proposals as their investigators wish. Slide 29 has been added to remind proposal writers about submitting a Data Management Plan and, if necessary, a Postdoctoral Researcher Mentoring Plan.

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View the recording of the webinar offered by Kathleen Bergin, Louis Jackson Everett, and Ron Buckmire on the MSP Solicitation that took place on 1/11/12