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There are no scheduled webinars available at this time.

Archived Webinars (113)

Webinar Date Recording Presenter(s)
Students as Citizen Scientists 04/24/18 yes W. Midden, Lauren Birney
Cultural, Cognitive, Experiential, and Attitudinal Influences on Computational Thinking Development 03/14/18 yes Steven Moore, Roxana Hadad
Challenges in the CS classroom: Perspectives from students with learning and attention disorders 03/01/18 yes Sarah Wille, Amy Cassata
MSPnet Academy: STEM Integration and the NGSS - Melding engineering with science and mathematics 02/15/18 yes Jeff Rosen, Jayma Koval, Kathy Kennedy, Katherine Soriano
MSPnet Academy: Computational Thinking from a Disciplinary Perspective 01/16/18 yes Joyce Malyn-Smith, Irene Lee
Two Strategies for Climate Change Education 11/16/17 yes Brian Drayton, William (Billy) Spitzer
The Impact of Engineering Design on Elementary Teacher and Student Learning 10/31/17 yes Brenda Capobianco, Tamara Moore
Professional Development for K-8 Mathematics Educators - Views on MKT & Mathematical Modeling 10/13/17 yes April Strom, Rachel Levy
MSPnet Academy: How to design 3D formative assessments for NGSS 02/02/17 yes William Penuel, Philip Bell
Integrating Computational Thinking And Computing In Pre-K-12 STEM Teaching And Learning 02/02/17 Arlene M. de Strulle
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