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Voices From The Field

Leaders in the field of education share their insights through lectures, papers, and discussions. Visit Speaker Hall to view videos of keynote address and lectures, and then visit the Poster Hall for information presented by individual MSP projects.

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Next Webinar - May 17, 2017 at 01:00 PM Eastern

MSPnet Academy: Measuring the Impact of STEM Learning In and Out of Schools

In this webinar, sponsored by the Research + Practice Collaboratory and moderated by Sue Allen, we will hear about three new student learning assessment tools that can be used to document learning outcomes over time: Activated Learning, Connected Learning, and Longitudinal Active Learning.
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MSPnet Academy

The MSPnet Academy is a series of Webinars from leaders in the MSP community and beyond on topics that will address STEM teaching and learning, policy, and professional development. Each Webinar will be followed with a two-week online discussion with the presenter.

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Video Hall

MSP Projects present their work and findings through creative videos.

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Poster Hall

MSP Projects present their work and findings in an easy-to-read format that invites discussion from the community.

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Speaker Hall

In the Speaker Hall, invited speakers and panelists offer video and audio presentations to the MSPnet community. Send us your suggestions for future topics or articles that you would like to see discussed.