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user iconLeah ShieldsGreat Valley MSPProject Participant, Project GuestKern High School District
user iconMary Jo ShieldsSWPAProject ParticipantWyoming Valley West Middle School
user iconMichael ShieldsSABESProject ParticipantJohns Hopkins University
user iconPatrick ShieldsR+P CollaboratoryProject EvaluatorSRI International
user iconSteve ShieldsSWPAProject Professional Developer, Project Participant
user iconDenise ShierOregon Math LeadershipProject Participant
user iconCathy ShiffmanMSPGPProject GuestShenandoah University
user iconChathleen ShimonED MSPsProject Staff
user iconKirk ShimshockED MSPsProject Director
user iconNicole ShimshockPS3Project ParticipantSan Carlos School District
user iconJaewook ShinSABESProject Participant
user iconMichele ShinnersUB/BSP ISEP
user iconCarolyn ShipleyED MSPsProject Director
user iconDennis ShippyPRISMProject Professional DeveloperSavannah Chatham Public Schools
user iconChristine ShipulaSWPAProject Participant, Academy Participant
user iconKatey ShireyTERC MSPnetProject GuestKnowles Teacher Initiative
user iconKelly ShiringSWPAProject Participant
user iconCynthia ShirleySABESProject GuestDallas F. Nicholas, Sr. Elementary School
user iconMelissa ShirleyED MSPsProject Participant
user iconLouise ShiveMSPGPProject ParticipantMuhlenberg College
user iconTerry ShiverdeckerED MSPsProject StaffThe Ohio State University
user iconJanet ShiverPRISMProject ParticipantGeorgia College & State University
user iconJamie ShkolnikImpact of MSP PDProject ResearcherAmerican Institutes for Research
user iconTod ShockeyED MSPsProject Director
user iconBarbara ShoemakerAppalachian MSPProject StaffAMSP
user iconGregory ShoemakerMSPGPProject Guest, Lenses on LearningEaston Area School District
user iconMarcia Shofner(MSP)2, VIP K-16Project StaffUniversity of Maryland, College Park
user iconCindy ShonbergSWPAProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, Academy ParticipantPA Learners On-Line
user iconAdam ShopisBSPProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, Vertical TeamingRichard J. Murphy School
user iconLindsey ShoreMSPGPProject Participant
user iconKaren ShoresED MSPsState CoordinatorCA Dept. of Education
user iconDan ShortSWPAProject Participant, Academy FacilitatorRobert Morris University
user iconMark ShortMiTEPProject ParticipantJackson Public Schools
user iconawshouseR+P CollaboratoryProject ResearcherUniversity of Washington
user iconAndrew ShouseFacilitating MSPsNational Academies
user iconAnnette ShragerSWPAProject ParticipantBig Knob Elementary School
user iconMarsha ShragoPRISMProject Professional DeveloperCEISMC
user iconMichael ShragowitzMTTIProject ParticipantCelia Cruz Bronx High School of Music/Lehman MTTI Program
user iconSadeep ShresthaGENAProject ParticipantUniversity of Alabama
user iconKelli ShrewsberryED MSPsProject Director, ED MSP PITeaching & Learning Collaborative
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