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user iconJonathan PollardSWPA
user iconDavid PollackGBMP, ED MSPsAdvisory Board Member, Project ParticipantYoungstown State University
user iconAlexia PollackBSPProject Participant, CCC Instructor, Vertical TeamingUMass-Boston
user iconJohn PolkingMathematics Leadership InstitutePIRice University
user iconJohn PolitanoGENAProject ParticipantGarnet Valley School District
user iconKaren PolechkoSWPAProject Professional Developer, Project Participant
user iconDeborah Poland2Stark County
user iconJose A. PolancoUTeachEngProject Participant
user iconBonnie PolanBSPBoston Public Schools
user iconShay PokressTERC MSPnet, MSPnet HubProject GuestTERC
user iconRon PoirierRITES, ED MSPsProject Participant, Project District Participant, Resource Team
user iconJeffrey PointekED MSPsProject ParticipantHawaii Department of Education
user iconAngelika PohlTEAMSProject EvaluatorBetter Testing & Evaluations
user iconDawn PoggialiiEvolve with STEMProject ParticipantSandusky City Schools
user iconAdam PoetzelEnLiSTProject Professional DeveloperUniversity of Illinois
user iconDeb PoeseVIP K-16, Facilitating MSPsProject Director, Project Participant, Workshop ParticipantMontgomery College
user iconSally PodvasnikSWPAAdvisory Board Member, Project ParticipantSouth Allegheny SD
user iconTim PodkulR+P CollaboratorySRI International
user iconRobert PockalnyCS InvestigationsCo-PIUniversity of Rhode Island
user iconSherri PlundoSWPAProject Participant, Academy Participant
user iconMelissa PlummerOregon Math LeadershipProject Participant
user iconJulia PlummerMSPGP, Middle Grades ESSProject ParticipantPennsylvania State University
user iconJeff PlummerOregon Math LeadershipProject Participant
user iconTracy PlueiEvolve with STEMProject ParticipantPerkins Local Schools
user iconMonica PlischSci Teacher Prep
user iconJamie PlichtaSWPAProject Participant
user iconAmber PleimanCEEMS MSPUniversity of Cincinnati
user iconChad PleasantsGENAProject StaffThe American Society of Human Genetics
user iconJames PlattRocky Mountain Middle School MSPProject Director, Project Professional Developer, Project ParticipantUniversity of Denver
user iconLarry PlankED MSPs, FL Science and Math SummitProject Participant
user iconJan PlaneCS Matters, CT Teacher EdCo-PIUniversity of Maryland College Park
user iconPamela PlamannED MSPsProject Director
user iconPam P GBED MSPsProject DirectorCESA 7
user iconDorcella Plain BullBig Sky Science PartnershipProject ParticipantPretty Eagle Catholic School
user iconLibby PizzoED MSPsProject DirectorWayne RESA
user iconLisa PizarchikSWPAProject Participant, Academy ParticipantDerry Area School District
user iconVirginia PittsDist. LeadershipProject StaffNorthwestern University
user iconDiane PittsPRISMProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, Project GuestAtlanta Public Schools
user iconSheila PittmanPRISMProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, Project Guest
user iconPaulette PittmanPRISMProject Professional DeveloperCoastal Plains RESA
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