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user iconAdam PoetzelEnLiSTProject Professional DeveloperUniversity of Illinois
user iconRaymond PriceEnLiSTEngineering Higher EdUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
user iconMiguel ParedesFacilitating MSPsWorkshop ParticipantUniversity of Texas Pan American
user iconJodi PetersonFacilitating MSPsProject GuestNational Science Teachers Association
user iconMerle PriceFacilitating MSPsProject Director, Advisory Board Member, Planning Committee Member, Workshop ParticipantCalifornia State University, Northridge
user iconRobert PotterFL Science and Math SummitCo-PI, Advisory Board Member, Project ParticipantUniversity of South Florida
user iconAndy ProctorFOCUSProject ParticipantTaft School
user iconJPeaceFocus on MathEducation Development Center, Inc.
user iconSarah PikcilingisFocus on MathProject ParticipantSacred Heart Schools
user iconAndrea PulverFocus on MathProject ParticipantChelsea Public Schools
user iconEmma PreviatoFocus on Math II
user iconMary Beth PiechamFocus on Math II, Focus on MathProject Researcher, Project StaffEducation Development Center
user iconDaryl PfeifForensics SciCo-PI
user iconKatherine PagetFulcrum Institute for EducationProject EvaluatorTERC
user iconElizabeth ParsonsGBMPUAB
user iconHollie PartridgeGBMPProject Participant, Mathematics Support Team Teacher (MST)Columbiana Middle
user iconCindy PetersonGBMPProject Participant, Mathematics Support Team Teacher (MST)Simmons Middle School
user iconcindy ponderGBMPJefferson County
user iconLauren PoolGBMPProject GuestUAB Early Childhood/Elementary Education Alternative Fifth-Year Masters' Graduate Program
user iconMichele PritchettGBMPProject Participant, Mathematics Support Team Teacher (MST)Riverchase Elementary School
user iconSusan PruetGBMPAdvisory Board MemberSTEMWorks, LLC
user iconTami PuchtaGBMPProject Participant, Mathematics Support Team Teacher (MST)Deer Valley Elementary School
user iconDavid PollackGBMP, ED MSPsAdvisory Board Member, Project ParticipantYoungstown State University
user iconRuth ParkerGBMP, ED MSPs, GBMP Phase 2Co-PI, Project ParticipantMathematics Education Collaborative (MEC)
user iconSherry ParrishGBMP, GBMP Phase 2Project Professional Developer, Project Participant, Mathematics Support Team Teacher (MST)UAB School of Education
user iconMichael PalladinoGENAProject ParticipantUniv. of Pitt.
user iconLouise PaquinGENAProject Participant
user iconDavid ParmerGENAProject ParticipantToronto District School Board (Bethune C.I.)
user iconMarilyn PearsonGENA
user iconMarisa PedullaGENAProject ParticipantMontana Tech of the University of Montana
user iconMaria Isabel PerezGENAProject ParticipantBravo Medical Magnet High School
user iconBenjamin PierceGENAProject ParticipantSouthwestern University
user iconFrancesca PignoniGENAProject Participantharvard medical school - MEEI
user iconErin PittmanGENAProject Participant, Project GuestHarrisburg School District
user iconChad PleasantsGENAProject StaffThe American Society of Human Genetics
user iconJohn PolitanoGENAProject ParticipantGarnet Valley School District
user iconToni PollinGENAProject Participant, Project Guest
user iconSonya PrigetGENAProject Participant
user iconLeslie PrudhommeGENAProject Participant
user iconAmy PruittGENAProject ParticipantBlue Ridge High School
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