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user iconDale KleinertMath Reasoning
user iconConnie KliewerMath ReasoningProject ParticipantTekoa School District
user iconPeter KlostermanMath ReasoningProject ResearcherWashington State University
user iconSherree KompMath ReasoningProject ParticipantPullman School District
user iconDebra KowalkowskiMath ReasoningProject ParticipantWilbur School District
user iconJim KowalkowskiMath ReasoningCo-PI, Project ParticipantDavenport School District
user iconDarrell KuhnMath ReasoningProject GuestRosalia School District
user iconugur kazdalMath SpecialistProject Director, Project Evaluator, Project Professional Developer, Project Staff, Advisory Board Member, Project ParticipantBeykent University Science & Technology Club
user iconNoel KlimenkoMath SpecialistProject ParticipantFairfax County Public Schools
user iconDavid KendrickMath TLCProject StaffUniversity of Northern Colorado
user iconKristin King - UNCOMath TLCProject StaffUniversity of Northern Colorado
user iconOzlem KorkmazMath TLCProject ParticipantSMTC
user iconHeng-Yu KuMath TLCProject Staff
user iconKatherine W. KanimMC2-LIFTProject StaffMathematically Connected Communities
user iconKen KornMC2-LIFTProject Evaluator, Project ResearcherNMSU
user iconDoug KurtzMC2-LIFT, ED MSPsProject Researcher, Project ParticipantNMSU
user iconJonathan KennMiddle Grades ESSProject ParticipantReading High School
user iconTimothy KowalskiMiddle Grades ESSReading High School
user iconDale KraynakMiddle Grades ESSProject ParticipantSteelton Highspire High School
user iconJudy KurMiddle Grades ESSRadio Park Elementary School
user iconJacquelyn KendallMilwaukeeProject Participant
user iconJude KeslMilwaukeeProject Staff, Project ParticipantMilwaukee Public Schools
user iconEric KeyMilwaukeeProject ParticipantUniversity of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
user iconShelli KlapatauskasMilwaukeeProject Professional Developer, Project ParticipantBurbank School
user iconHenry KranendonkMilwaukeeCo-PIMilwaukee Public Schools
user iconPeggy KuhnzMilwaukeeProject StaffUWM
user iconHenry KepnerMilwaukee, Facilitating MSPsProject Professional Developer, Project Staff, Advisory Board Member, Project Participant, Workshop ParticipantUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
user iconDawn KahlerMiTEPProject ParticipantKalamazoo Public Schools
user iconChrister KarlssonMiTEPProject Evaluator
user iconKatherine KayMiTEPProject ParticipantKalamazoo Public Schools
user iconLauren KellerMiTEPProject GuestMichigan Tech
user iconMark F. KlawiterMiTEPProject Researcher, Project StaffMichigan Technological University
user iconKevin KochMiTEPKalamazoo Public Schools
user iconLucy KorpiMiTEPProject Guest, Supporting PartnerGRAPCEP
user iconGreg KranichMPSPProject ResearcherUniversity of Maine
user iconJanice KristoMPSPUniversity of Maine
user iconBruce Katz(MSP)2Co-PI, Advisory Board MemberPrince George's County Public Schools
user iconDaniel KaranjaMSPGPProject ParticipantWilliam Penn School District
user iconMary KatonaMSPGPLenses on LearningLouis E. Dieruff High School
user iconBarbara KautzmanMSPGPLenses on LearningAllentown School District
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