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user iconNancy KnoblesAllianceProject Professional Developer, Project StaffAIMS PreK-16
user iconJayma KovalAMP-IT-UPProject Staff
user iconJane KirkleyARISE, ED MSPsProject Director, Project ParticipantNorthern Arizona University
user iconLinda KnopArizona Middle School MathProject ResearcherScottsdale Community College
user iconNicole KooimanArizona Middle School MathProject ParticipantSantan Jr High (CUSD)
user iconbarbara kowalinskiArizona Middle School MathCUSD
user iconMackenzie KuhlArizona Middle School MathProject Participant
user iconDorina KosztinA TIME for Physics FirstCo-PI, Project ParticipantUniversity of Missouri Columbia
user iconRobin KrausATOMSProject Participant
user iconEdward KremerATOMSPI, Advisory Board Memberkansas city kansas community college
user iconHeather KingBASICS StudyOutlier Research & Evaluation/University of Chicago
user iconRenee KelchBig Sky Science PartnershipProject ParticipantKW Harvey Elementary, Ronan
user iconKristy KenmilleBig Sky Science PartnershipProject ParticipantSalish Kootenai College
user iconRobin KentBig Sky Science PartnershipProject StaffUniversity of Montana BSSP
user iconDarcy KoemansBig Sky Science PartnershipProject ParticipantDixon Elementary
user iconChristy KrantzBig Sky Science PartnershipProject ParticipantSt. Ignatius Elementary
user iconTim KrantzBig Sky Science PartnershipProject GuestSt. Ignatius Elementary
user iconCheryl Kalez WilliamsBSP
user iconBruce KamererBSPProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, CCC Instructor, CCLS Facilitator, Vertical TeamingBoston Public Schools
user iconNick KapuraBSP
user iconTzur KarelitzBSPProject Researcher
user Participant, Vertical TeamingBoston Public Schools
user iconAndrella KingBSPProject Participant, Project Guest, Vertical Teaming
user iconSeneca KingBSPProject Professional Developer, Project ParticipantHealth Careers Academy
user iconFeby KiraguBSPProject StaffNortheastern University
user iconBristol KonjoianBSP
user iconTala KhudairiBSP, BESTProject StaffRoxbury Community College
user iconJoan KarpBSP, BEST, PULSE, TEAMSProject EvaluatorPERG at Endicott College
user iconTom KellerBuilding Capacity, ED MSPs, Facilitating MSPsPI, Project ParticipantMaine Mathematics and Science Alliance
user iconMary KennedyCausal InferencePIMichigan State University
user iconAttila KilincCEEMS MSPProject GuestUniversity of Cincinnati
user iconRichard KnudsenCEEMS MSPProject ParticipantCincinnati Public Schools
user iconAnant KukretiCEEMS MSPPIUniversity of Cincinnati
user iconKathy KoenigCEEMS MSP, ED MSPsProject Researcher, Project ParticipantUniversity of Cincinnati
user iconMichael KimmelClevelandProject ParticipantJohn Carroll University
user iconAlice KellerConsortiumProject Participant, C-PIT, Hillside I-PITHillside Public Schools
user iconLinda-Lee KellyConsortiumProject Participant, C-PIT, Elizabeth I-PIT
user iconGeorge KolodiyConsortiumProject Participant, Kean I-PITKean University
user iconNatalie KosonockyConsortiumProject Participant, Elizabeth I-PITElizabeth Public Schools, Elizabeth, NJ
user iconDora KuznitzConsortiumProject Participant, Elizabeth I-PIT
Showing: 1-401  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  …  Next