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user iconCheryl HallBSPProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, Vertical TeamingBoston Public Schools
user iconElizabeth HanselBSP
user iconShiqi HaoBSPProject ResearcherUMass Boston
user iconMichael HarrisBSPProject Participant, CCLS Facilitator, Vertical TeamingBoston Public Schools
user iconRichard HarrisBSPProject GuestNortheastern University
user iconErin Hashimoto MartellBSPProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, CCC Instructor, Vertical TeamingBoston Public Schools
user iconLisa HendersonBSPProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, CCLS Facilitator, Vertical TeamingTechBoston Academy
user iconDoyka HernandezBSPProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, Vertical Teaming
user iconHamida Hirani-MerchantBSPProject Participant, BPS Science Department Staff, CCLS Apprentice, Vertical TeamingParkway Academy Of Technology & health
user iconSarah Hogan HahnBSP
user iconHaruna HosokawaBSPProject GuestBoston Public Schools
user iconSamara Hoyer-WinfieldBSPProject EvaluatorPERG
user iconChris HugginsBSPProject Professional Developer, Project Participant, Vertical TeamingHarbor School
user iconRobert HuieBSPProject ParticipantBoston Latin Academy
user iconDarcel HuntBSPProject Participant, BPS Science Department Staff, HMS programs
user iconLeslie HenricksonBuilding EvaluationProject Evaluator, Project Researcher, Advisory Board Member, Project GuestTechnology Education Consulting and Research
user iconMark HogrebeBuilding EvaluationProject ResearcherMSP at Washington University in St. Louis
user iconCasper HarteveldBuilding SystemsCo-PINortheastern University
user iconAmy HooverBuilding SystemsProject Researcher
user iconLiesl HohenshellCascades-OlympicWestern Washington University
user iconJohn Hunter2Cascades-OlympicQuillayute Valley School District
user iconDan HanleyCascades-Olympic, ED MSPsProject Evaluator, Project ParticipantWestern Washington University
user iconDebi HainesCEEMS MSPProject Staff
user iconJennifer HarveyCEEMS MSPProject Participant
user iconCathy HerzogCEEMS MSPProject Participant
user iconcharles hayesClevelandASM Materials Education Foundation
user iconCarolyn HooverClevelandProject StaffOklahoma State University / NASA Glenn Research Center
user iconJoseph HibdonCoding for EdCo-PI
user iconMarianne HauserCollege ReadyProject Professional DeveloperFayetteville Public Schools
user iconCalli Holaway-JohnsonCollege ReadyProject EvaluatorUniversity of Alabama
user iconBerthenia HarmonConsortiumProject Participant, Elizabeth Board of EducationThomas A. Edison Career & Technical Academy
user iconCamille HarrellConsortiumProject Participant, Rahway I-PIT
user iconPaul HartConsortiumCAMS Clinical InstructorKean Univ/Merck Grant
user iconGloria HicksConsortiumCAMS Clinical Instructor, CAMS Coach, Hillside I-PITHillside High school
user iconAnjanette HighsmithConsortiumProject Participant, Rahway Public SchoolsRahway Public Schools
user iconLori HowardConsortiumC-PITNJ Department of Education
user iconOlga HugelmeyerConsortiumElizabeth Public Schools
user iconThelma HurdConsortiumElizabeth Board Of Education
user iconEmily HamnerCreative RoboticsProject ResearcherCarnegie Mellon University
user iconErica HalversonCT Informal EdCo-PI
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