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Vera Sinnreich



  • Teacher: Mathematics, Teacher: High School, Graduate Student 



Masters in Secondary Mathematics Education(honors),
2003, CUNY - City College of New York.
Certificate, graduate level training program "
Democracy, Human Rights and Peaceful Conflict
Resolution", 1996, The Fridtjof Nansen Academy,
Lillehammer, Norway

Education in Family Psychotherapy, 1995/1996, Belgrade

Post-doctoral program in Social Psychiatry, 1992-1995,
Belgrade University School of Medicine

Medical Doctor, 1992, Belgrade University School of

Medical School, 1984-1986, Faculte Libre de Medecine
de l'Universite Catholique, Lille, France

French Language Certificate, 1984, Bethany College, W.

Postbaccalaureate pre-medical curriculum (Honors),
1984, Hunter College, New York

Bachelor of Science (Honors)(Health Sciences, Medical
Computers specialty), 1981, Hunter College - Institute
of Health Sciences, New York

Additional: A number of short courses, seminars and
workshops dealing with a wide variety of subjects from
newspaper marketing and advertising and computer
animation to working with children in refugee camps,
NGO networking, human rights monitoring, nonviolent
conflict resolution and disaster assistance.

Computer Skills: MS Office advanced skills, Geometer's Sketchpad advanced (trainer) level

Languages: Mother tongue: bilingual Serbo-Croatian
(including Bosnian) and English
Other: French (intermediate level), Russian,Macedonian
and Bulgarian (minimal working knowledge)


Spring 2008 - New York City Mathematics Project, Lehman
Participant in the "English Language
Learners in Mathematics Classroom"
discussion group.

Spring 2004 - Hostos Community College
Instructor for the Continuing Adult
Education Program
Teaching preparatory courses for the Math
A Regents Exam and the SAT

9/01 - present - Hostos - Lincoln Early College Secondary
Mathematics Teacher, grades 6, 9-12
School representative in the CUNY SSO Math
New York State Math Resource Center
Leadership Network Member
Cooperating Teacher - Hostos Community
College Teacher Academy
Cooperating Teacher - Hunter College
Teacher Academy (Fall 2006)
Mentor to an aspiring teacher from
Teachers College (Spring 2006) Served also as a Resource Room teacher and
a tutor for RCT in science and mathematics.

10/99 - present - New York City Civil Courts
Interpreter (per diem)

10/99 - 2/02 - Federal Emergency Management Agency
Response and Recovery Division: Human
Services (Special Needs & Congressional
Inquiries), Operations and Planning

8/97 - 9/00 - A number of international and inter-
governmental agencies, including
International Organization for Migration,
Organization for Security and Cooperation
in Europe, Belgian Red Cross, Office of
the High Representative, and NATO
Working both in the US and in Europe on
projects dealing with the conflicts and
the post-conflict period in the region of
former Yugoslavia.

12/95 - 8/97 - "Republika", Belgrade
Marketing Director, Coordinator for the
international edition, Fund-Raiser,
Coordinator for the project "Health, War
and Peace", Journalist.

2/96 - 8/97 - Autonomous Women's Center Against Sexual
Designing new projects and writing
proposals, fund-raising, contacts with
international and local non-governmental
groups, translating correspondence and
documentation, etc.

4/95 - 8/97 - Belgrade University School of Medicine
Investigator for the Belgrade Center of an
international project in behavioral
medicine: Health Risks in Women with
Multiple Roles: Cross Cultural Comparisons

1/95 - 6/95 - Save the Children Fund (UK), Belgrade
Discovering and screening new cases for
the Unaccompanied Children Program,
interviewing the children, providing them
with initial aid, support, and advice, and
filing recommendations for further action.

Winter 94/95 - "Get a New Outlook", Youth Center, Belgrade
Member of a team providing specialized
counseling (beauty, dermatology,fashion,
gynecology, psychology) to an open group
of teenagers

10/94 - 1/95 - Doctors of the World (USA), Belgrade
Administrative Assistant / Bookkeeper
Participation in all activities of the
Belgrade office of DOW which served as the
administrative headquarters for FRY.

2/93 - 8/97 - Institute for Mental Health, Belgrade
Individual and group psychotherapy of

12/92 - 11/93 - University Clinical Center, Belgrade

Summer 1990 - 3K TV Belgrade
Organized a major fundraising event to
provide transportation means and services
for the mobility impaired.

10/86 - 8/97 - Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases,
University Clinical Center, Belgrade
Computer programming; writing and
translation of research papers.

3/82 - 7/84 - Montefiore Medical Center, Pacemaker Center
and Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory,
Bronx, N.Y.

Summer 1981 - Citibank, 111 Wall St., NYC
Systems Programmer

7/80 - 3/81 - The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center
Pediatric Endocrinology Clinical Research Center
Research Data Coordinator

Fall 1978 - Hunter College - City University of N.Y.
Mathematics Tutor for the self-paced program.


Seferovic PM et al. "Endomyocardial biopsy: a meta-analysis of diagnostic value." Postgrad Med J 1994; 70 Suppl 1:S21-8.
Sinnreich V. "Health System In Transition." Republika Nov. 1995; 131.

many others