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Marge Petit




Marge Petit is an independent educational consultant focusing on mathematics instruction and assessment. Marge's primary work is supporting the development and implementation of the Vermont Mathematics Partnership Ongoing Assessment Project (OGAP) formative assessment project.
Marge Petit brings to this work nearly two decades of research and development in standards-based restructuring efforts at the classroom, district, state and national levels, and 23 years of experience as a classroom teacher primarily in mathematics and science. Her experience in the implementation of a standards-based system extends from the classroom, to research and development in assessment and instruction, to state and national level policy.
From 2000-2004 Marge was a Senior Associate at the National Center for Improving Educational Assessment (Center for Assessment). While at the Center for Assessment Marge provided leadership in the development of a number of projects. Major projects while at the center: facilitated teams of Wyoming High School teachers in the development of mathematics and science tasks for the Wyoming Body of Evidence program; facilitated a tri-state team (Vermont, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire) in the development of the Mathematics k - 8 NECAP GLEs and, co-developed the NECAP Resource Guide.
From 1996-2000 Marge served as Deputy Commissioner of Education, Vermont Department of Education. From September 1999 to February 2000 she served as Acting Commissioner of Education. While at this position Marge provided statewide leadership with Commissioner Marc Hull in the implementation of the quality aspects of The Vermont Equal Educational Opportunity Act. Marge also provided leadership in the development of the Vermont Mathematics Initiative (VMI); a three year masters degree for elementary and middle school mathematics teacher leaders.
From 1993- 1996 Marge was the Assessment Specialist at the Vermont Institute for Science, Math, and technology. In that position Marge provided leadership in the development of the Vermont High School Mathematics Portfolio, the first science assessment in Vermont, and the development of science, mathematics, and technology performance tasks.
Marge has served on a number of national advisory boards, projects, and panels: NAEP - TIMSS - PISA Comparison Study; summer writer for the STEM Project; the advisory board for the Voluntary National Mathematics test; the advisory board for the Achieve Middle School Mathematics Project; the planning committee for the 2004 NAEP Mathematics Framework; the RAND Mathematics Study Panel; NCTM Middle School Assessment Sampler; the Mathematical Science Education Board, Executive Board of MSEB (2000 - 2006), Vice Chair MSEB (2004 -2006), and member of the Center for Education Board (2000-2003) of the National Research Council. Marge is currently a member of the Math in the Middle Advisory Board (University of Nebraska) and the Governor's Institute of Vermont Board


Mathematics assessment and instruction