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Jim Reiley


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Address: 1240 Virginia Ave., Bristol, TN 37620
Telephone: (423) 573-3388


B.S. in Mathematics; University of California, Davis; 1969
M.S. in Computer Science; Iowa State University; 1972
N.D. in Medicine; National College of Naturopathic Medicine; 1994

Teaching Experience

Computer Software; Medical Sciences; Mathematics;
Microeconomics; Electronic Commerce; Psychology

Teaching History

Gibbs College; Norwalk, CT; April 2003 - December 2003

Adjunct instructor responsible for all aspects of five different courses on operating systems, e-commerce, psychology, college algebra and micro-economics. The operating systems class covered the Microsoft Windows internals from Windows 95 through Windows XP. The e-commerce class included the fundamentals of Internet transactions and e-business principles and the college algebra course was essentially pre-calculus mathematics. The psychology and micro-economics classes were both introductory, survey courses.

National College of Naturopathic Medicine; Portland, OR; March 1999 - March 2000

Guest-lectured in Urology classes in medical school on prostate cancer and men's health. Developed course material and provided exam questions for student evaluation in the areas covered.

Naturopathic Health Center; San Rafael, CA; August 1994 - October 1995

Gave lectures on nutrition, natural medicine, cancer prevention and age-related illnesses to a number of groups in the San Francisco Bay Area, primarily to promote our medical practice.

Software Association of Oregon; Beaverton, OR; May 1990

Lectured on user-interface methodologies and the future of computer software tools in user interface development as part of an invited expert-lecture series.

Analogy, Inc.; Beaverton, OR; September 1989

Instructed the corporate software development staff in a two-day course on the C++ language and its environment.

Integrated Computer Systems; Los Angeles, CA; May 1986 - February 1989

Technical editor for a course on user interface methodology. This was a 4-day course covering a wide range of topics from the psychology of man-machine interaction to the architecture of user interface management systems. The principle author and I collaborated to produce the course. I also served as a part time instructor of the course every few months in various locations throughout Europe and North America.

The Rand Corporation; Santa Monica, CA; January 1973 - December 1976

Taught several periodic classes for the Rand Corporation and Rand Graduate Institute in statistical analysis, database management, and various computer languages.

Iowa State University; Ames, IA; September 1969 - June 1972

Taught an introduction to computers and beginning programming class for juniors in the Computer Science Department. I designed the course curriculum, syllabus and examinations.

Taught several sections of first-year calculus to freshmen engineering and mathematics students through the Mathematics Department.

Medical Practice History

Physical Medicine and Family Wellness Center; Sandy Hook, CT; January 2004 - Present

Practicing naturopathic physician. Saw patients and specialized in Lyme disease, allergies and dietary disorders.

Naturopathic Health Center; San Rafael, CA; August 1994 - October 1995

Practicing physician and cofounder of the Naturopathic Health Center. Developed treatment protocols and the business infrastructure to support a new several-doctor clinic in northern California. Saw patients and specialized in men's health and dietary disorders.

Computer Expertise

Web Application Development: Java, JSPs, Html, Perl Microsoft Windows NT, UNIX, Macintosh
Microsoft Visual Studio: C, C++ and VB Graphics and Graphical User Interfaces
XML, SOAP, COM, .NET Software Project Management

Computer Contracting and Employment History

Natural Opinion; Newtown, CT; (Part time) January 1997 - present

Chief technology officer and co-founder of a medical information/software company. The primary product is Natural Medical Protocols, an online, web-based reference database on natural medicine for doctors. I designed and developed the Visual Basic/database application, the Html document hierarchy and the website, including a web-based order processing interaction using Html forms, Javascript, and Perl. The website, shows sample pages and allows customers to access the database over the web directly after entering the correct access code.

Another product that I designed/developed, currently available for sale by Natural Opinion is a program to schedule classes for colleges and other educational institutions. It was written in Visual Basic and uses an Access database. Information about this product and sample user interfaces may be found at

In addition to the above products, I customize and personalize patient, billing and insurance records management systems for individual physician clients, primarily chiropractors and naturopaths. The resulting system is constructed from the one I built for our own practice over the years since 1995. The program runs on PCs in a network environment and has been sold primarily to chiropractors and naturopaths (see

Advent Digital Media; Vancouver, WA; (Part time) January 2002 - December 2002

Senior software consultant to develop and maintain Photoshop automation plug-in applications in a Macintosh environment (both OS9 and OSX). The development environment is Metrowerks C++ using Photoshop SDK 6.0 and 7.0. The application is involved in automating the adaptation of slide presentations to multiple languages and cultures.

First Insight Corporation; Hillsboro, OR; (Part time) August 2002 - September 2002

Senior software consultant to evaluate current user interface methodologies and recommend and implement strategic changes as necessary to their next generation of products - an ophthalmic medical office management system. Also, constructed an intermediate software layer to allow their products to dynamically change form contents and user preferences. The software is written entirely in VB.NET using the latest Microsoft development tools.

Responsys, Inc.; Beaverton, OR; July 1999 - October, 2001

Senior software consultant that developed part of a web-server based, automated email marketing system using Java and JSPs. This system is used to capture client marketing intentions and translate them into automated campaigns for delivering emails and obtaining response information from customers. I was involved in the architecture and design/implementation of the user interface and application portions of the system. I also constructed an adjunct automated survey generation application.

I architected, wrote most of the software and led a team to build a B2B, Internet-based, offer-exchange system to allow businesses to attach their retail offers to other companies' email campaigns. This included a fairly complicated workflow approvals mechanism using a centralized server database.

Designed and was the primary implementer of a subsystem that used SOAP/XML to allow remote machines to access our server-based API. This included providing a Systems Development Kit (SDK) for MS Visual Studio or UNIX environments to construct their own client services using either a COM layer or Java Bean layer to converse with the facilities of our system.

Wyatt Software; Lake Oswego, OR; October 1997 - September 1999

Senior software consultant responsible for multithreading the communications part of a 3-tier client-database application. This was done using Windows NT, Visual C++, ATL COM, Visual Basic and SQL Server database technology. I was also involved in refurbishing and maintaining a multi-threaded job workflow/scheduling system in C++.

I served as the primary architect of any new development or prototyping activities that arose, especially when it involved hooking together existing subsystems developed in different environments (e.g., C, C++ and Visual Basic).

Critical Path Software; Portland, OR; June 1997 - October 1997

Senior software consultant to design and develop part of a digital video disk authoring system. It was constructed for the Apple Power PC and Windows NT. The entire system was written in C++. I constructed a compiler (using Yacc) to translate a formal data structure representation into C++ objects which are later used to manipulate portions of a large, hierarchical collection of information. I also architected and built the Windows GUI framework for the NT version using MFC.

Electro-Scientific Industries; Portland, OR; August 1996 - June 1997

Software contractor to provide the design and implementation for a multi-machine system to visually inspect and process capacitor chips at a rate of 30,000 per hour. The software was constructed using a mix of C++, ATL COM, Visual Basic, database (MS Access) and OLE methodology in a Windows NT environment using multiple processes and threads. I designed and implemented the software control systems and communications software as well as the operator graphical user interface.

Wyatt Software; Lake Oswego, OR; October 1995 - August 1996

Senior software engineer responsible for the redesign and implementation of the GUI software for their next generation of products. This was done using Windows NT, Visual Basic, Visual C++ and SQL Server database technology. I was also responsible for the development of C++ application support libraries.

Analogy, Inc.; Beaverton, OR; October 1987 - October 1990

Group manager, designer, and primary implementer responsible for the graphics and user interface portions of a set of CAE tools. The project involved writing the majority of a machine-independent user interface management system (UIMS) to run on many different kinds of engineering workstations. The UIMS included a comprehensive set of user interface gadgets, e.g., scroll bars, popup menus, overlapping sub-windows, as well as generalized word-processing, graphics, and forms facilities. The system was object oriented, written entirely in C++ except for the replaceable machine-dependent portions that were written in C.

Mentor Graphics Corporation; Beaverton, OR; August 1985 - October 1987

Technical project leader for a group building a user interface management system (UIMS) similar in architecture to the one described above for Analogy, Inc. The system was constructed using C++ and served as the basis for the second generation of Mentor Graphics applications. I was also the chief architect and primary implementer. Prior to this I was the technical project leader of a group responsible for refurbishing the user interface of their schematic capture package, Neted.

Sidereal Corporation; Portland, OR; December 1982 - August 1985

Engineering manager, designer and primary implementer for an icon-based communications product on a UNIX-like machine. The system was similar in appearance to an Apple Macintosh or Xerox Star. It provided a full set of document creation and handling functions as well as the ability to send and receive documents using any of several communications protocols and transfer rates.

Floating Point Systems Corporation; Beaverton, OR; September 1979 - December 1982

Project leader and chief designer/implementer of a new operating system and file system for the FPS-164, an array processor typically hosted by an attached mini-computer. The system was designed to manage the transfer of jobs to and from the array processor as well as their queuing and run-time execution.

Senior software engineer on a project to build a Fortran-77 compiler. The compiler was constructed using relatively standard LR-1 analyzer/parser techniques and was written entirely in Fortran-66.

Xerox Corporation; El Segundo, CA; December 1976 - September 1979

Engineering manager for the filing and records processing portion of the Xerox Star product, an office information system. (This was the icon-based predecessor of the Apple Lisa and Macintosh.) I was responsible for the design and development of the systems that managed documents as a whole, e.g., filing, electronic mail, and printing. I was also responsible for the first release database functionality. Prior to this I produced the document management portion of the functional specification for the system.

The Rand Corporation; Santa Monica, CA; January 1973 - December 1976

Performed a variety of research, technical and project leader functions on a number of different projects. These included: 1.) the development of a PL/S compiler (the first production LR-1 compiler ever built), 2.) responsibility for the database management group of a large multi-year, multi-site, housing-allowance study, 3.) teaching classes in statistical analysis, database management, and computer languages, 4.) researching databases of Vietnam conflict information and providing organizational input to DARPA on such, and 5.) software development and management for the Survey Data Processing group within the company.


Naturopathic Physician; State of Connecticut: 2003 - 2009; State of Oregon: 1994 - 2004

Recent Publications

Reiley JS, Not Walking on Water (A Novel), Sunstone Press, Santa Fe, NM; 2008. 


Natural Medicine
Computer Software Engineering 


Reiley JS, Not Walking on Water (A Novel), Sunstone Press, Santa Fe, NM; 2008.