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Joanne Goodell



  • Higher Ed: Mathematics, Researcher 


JOANNE E. GOODELL joined Cleveland State University's Department of Teacher Education as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education in August 1999. She taught high-school mathematics for 13 years in Australia, and was department chair for five years. She received her PhD from Curtin University of Technology, Science and Mathematics Education Center (SMEC) in Perth, Western Australia in 1998. Her previous university positions include Equity and Access for Women in Engineering Coordinator at Curtin University, Mathematics Education Lecturer at Edith Cowan University and Research Director for Ohio's Statewide Systemic Initiative Discovery at Miami University, Oxford Ohio in 1999. She currently teaches undergraduate and graduate mathematics methods and practicum courses. 


Dr. Goodell's research interests focus on equity, reform and professional development issues in the teaching and learning of mathematics and related disciplines in high-schools and universities. 


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