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Carolyn Edwards


  • Nebraska Math
    • Roles: Co-PI, Project Researcher
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  • Higher Ed: Education, Researcher 


Dr. Edwards joined the faculty of the University of Nebraska--Lincoln in 1997. She received her Ed.D. in Human Development from Harvard University, and she teaches courses in developmental psychology (infancy and early childhood, life span, theories of developmental psychology). Her interests center on social and moral development in cultural context; socialization processes within the family; and international early childhood education. She has conducted research and held research positions at universities in Italy, Norway, and Kenya. She is currently part of the NebraskaMATH project seeking to improve math education throughout the state, and recently finished work with the UNL Getting Ready Project focused on strengthening relationships between parents, their young children, and the children's educators.

B.A. 1969 (Anthropology), Harvard University
Ed.D. 1974 (Human Development), Harvard University
Post-doctoral Fellow 1976-77, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ
Post-doctoral Clinical Intern 1977-79, Worchester Youth Guidance Center, MA

1996-1997 Norwegian Centre for Advanced Study, Academy of Sciences and Letters, Oslo. Invited Senior Fellow.
1991-1997 University of Kentucky, College of Human Environmental Sciences. Professor of Family Studies.
1988 National Research Council (CNR), Rome, Italy. Visiting Professor of Psychology.
1977-1991 University of Massachusetts,Amherst, Asst./Assoc./Full Professor of Education & Lab. School Director.
1974-1977 Vassar College, Department of Psychology. Poughkeepsie, NY. Assistant Professor.
1972-1973 Child Development Research Unit, University of Nairobi, Kenya. Research Associate.



early childhood development and education 


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