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William Hoyt



  • Higher Ed: Science 


1982 Ph.D. University of Delaware (DE) Geology
Dissertation: Processes of
Sedimentation and Geologic
History of the Cape Henlopen/
Breakwater Harbor Area, Delaware

1976 M.S. SUNY - Albany (NY) Marine Geology
Thesis: Long-Distance Turbidite
Correlations in the Horseshoe
Abyssal Plain

1974 A.B. Middlebury College (VT) Environ. Studies (Geol.)
Thesis: Anatase Concentrations in
Bottom Sediments of Southern Lake
Champlain (data were used in a
U.S. Supreme Court Case).



Marine geology, coastal geology, coastal management, aquatic barge design and construction, oceanography, estuarine, lacustrine, glacial and marine sedimentation and processes, paleogeographic reconstructions in transgressive and regressive environments, tectonics and sedimentation in turbidite basins, application of modern sedimentary environments to the ancient geological record, flood deposits, catastrophic natural hazards research and policy analysis, future science policy and science education strategies, Earth Systems Education, Global Science Literacy, east Australian barrier islands and reefs, on-line Earth Systems courses, on-line oceanography courses.


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