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07/11/18Student Ideas About Computational Thinking Concepts When Learning About Modeling Hydrologic Systems
05/19/18Comp Hydro - Engaging Students in Using Computational Thinking
05/06/15Learning Progressions in Environmental Science: The impact of a Professional Development on Teacher Practice
05/06/15Science Learning Progressions, Discourse, and Teacher Pedagogical Content Knowledge
05/06/15Using Learning Progression Frameworks to Inform Instruction in Environmental Science: Teachers' Efforts to Move Their Students Up Levels
04/08/15NARST 2015 Teacher Paper Set - Practice Session
02/11/15PD Impacts Paper - Planning Meeting
01/20/15PD Impacts Paper - Planning Meeting
09/26/14bes web
05/21/14Learning Progression-Based Teaching Strategies in Environmental Science: Teachers' Successes and Struggles in Implementation
06/07/13Nilsen Interview
06/07/13Sirrakos Interview
06/06/13Irish Interview
05/30/13Case Study Rock Stars Meeting
05/23/13Case Study Tiger Team Meeting
05/16/13Case Study Full Tiger Team Meeting
05/15/13Pathways Seminar - Case Study
05/09/13Case Study Tiger Team meeting
05/02/13Case Study meeting
03/14/13Case Study meeting 3-14-13
03/07/13Case Study Rock Star meeting
02/06/13Leader's Guide powwow
02/05/13leaders guide part 3
02/04/13PD Leaders' Guide
11/01/12Case Study Tiger Team meeting
10/09/12Pathways PD Working Group Meeting
09/06/12Case Study Tiger Team meeting - Sept 6
05/23/12BPESL PD Planning Meeting
05/22/12Project Seminar: TE/PD Case Study Plan
05/22/12PD Working Group Meeting
04/26/12Citizenship meeting 4.26.12
04/24/12PD Working Group Meeting
04/20/12BPESL PD Planning
04/10/12Pathways PD Working Group Meeting
04/06/12Learning Progression-based Teaching Strategies for Environmental Science Literacy
04/03/12PD Case Study Planning Group
03/27/12Pathways PD Working Group Meeting
03/23/12BPESL planning
03/13/12PD Working Group Meeting
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