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Kedmon Hungwe



  • Higher Ed: Mathematics, Higher Ed: Science, Researcher, Evaluator 


I graduated from the University of Rhodesia with joint majors in mathematics and physics in 1978. I taught Physics and Mathematics for three years in Zimbabwe (1981-1983). I have also worked as a curriculum development specialist on the Zimbabwe Secondary Schools Science Project(1984-1985).The project produced a four-year course of study in science including laboratory kits. I have been a teacher educator since 1987, initially at the University of Zimbabwe, and currently at Michigan Tech (since 2002).I teach undergraduate courses in instructional technology and educational psychology. I also teach online graduate courses in science education. 


1) Learning and development across the lifespan
2) Cultural contexts of development, with a primary interest in development in contexts of transition
3) International and comparative education
4) Program evaluation 


Hungwe, K. (in press). Identity, self-interpretation and workplace change: An investigation of the work activity of machining. Journal of Adult Development.

Hungwe, K., Sorby, S. & Drummer, T. (2007). Preparing K-12 Students for Engineering Studies by Improving 3-D Spatial Skills. International Journal of Learning 14(2), 127-134.

Hungwe, K. (2007) Language policy in Zimbabwean education: historical antecedents and contemporary issues. Compare, 37, 13-149.