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Kevin Peters


    • Roles: Co-PI, Project Staff, Project Participant
    • Access: Project Admin, Project Contact


  • Higher Ed: Science 


Dr. Peters is a senior career administrator and educator, with over 30 years of experience in developing, implementing, and evaluating educational programs at the K-12, community college, and university levels. His academic strengths include: project management, teaching (higher education, biology, marine, estuarine, and environmental science, physical science, and instructional technology), developing collaborations and partnerships with K-12 school systems, conference planning and implementation, grant writing, and evaluation and assessment of education programs. Dr. Peters has extensive experience in grant writing and the grant review process. He has served as a director in several different jobs that highlight his managerial skills and abilities. 


The area of expertise for Dr. Peters includes: mathematics and science education; the retention and recruitment of students in higher education;instructional technology; and the profession development of mathematics and science teachers. Other areas of interest include proposal development and evaluation, the professional development of mathematics and science teachers, and the integration of mathematics and science in K-12 education. 


A. Nkwanta, D. Hill, A. Swamy, and K. Peters, Counting RNA patterns in the classroom: A link between molecular biology and enumerative combinatorics, DIMACS Book Series: Linking Math and Biology in High School, Editors Fred Roberts and Midge Cozzens, Forthcoming (2010).