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Daniel Murray


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I received a BA from Dartmouth College, and a Ms & PhD (1976) from Brown University. Prior to my twenty-six years at the University of Rhode Island, in the Department of Geosciences, I taught at Amherst College and Boston U., and was a research associate at Weston (seismological) Observatory. I am a Geological Society of America Fellow, and in recent years have been active in geoscience education activities on the local to national level. 


My expertise is in tectonics as it applies to the evolution of mountain belts, old and young. Most of my research has addressed the evolution of the Appalachian system, with an emphasis on the complex tectonic history of southern New England. Currently, I am especially interested in the insights research in cognitive science provides, as it pertains to STEM education. 


Recent publications address various issues of tectonism in the Avalonian terrane of southeastern New England. Examples include the map of the bedrock geology of the state of Rhode Island and reviews of the late Paleozoic tectonostratigraphic evolution of southeastern New England. Other research interest address the role of magma mixing in the evolution of small to large granitic magma systems, and neotectonics in California.

Together with my colleague Karen Kortz, much of my current research agenda focuses on the cognitive aspects of learning and 'doing' geology. Results are presented in Journal of Geoscience Education (Kortz and othesr, 2008) and other venues.