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Marti Louw




Louw is a co-PI on [NSF/DRL#0610348] an online community and capacity building web infrastruture project; The City as Learning Lab: Understanding Technology Empowerment [NSF/DRL0#741685] and Neighborhood Networks [Intel] a related project which seeks to engage community residents around local issues using emerging network and robotic technologies. In 2003, Louw completed a Master's in Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University where she explored rhetoric, design and human-computer interaction approaches to the conceptualization, development and use of information technologies in informal learning experiences. Louw brings 15 years of experience in creative project management, science communication and the design of informal learning experiences to the center. Her production and design experience spans a range of educational media including broadcast television, multimedia exhibits, websites, and online learning communities. As a staff producer at the WGBH Science Unit she produced several NOVA documentaries, web content and an online game. While at the Chedd-Angier Production Company she wrote, edited and directed numerous interactive multimedia projects for museums and science-technology centers. Before joining UPCLOSE, Louw worked at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh as a project developer, NSF grant writer and advisor for the Mr. Rogers' How People Make Things traveling exhibit. 


interaction design, online communities, new media