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Sanford Herzon



  • Teacher: Science 


I have been thoroughly enjoying teaching science in Montgomery County Public Schools for over 12 years now. After brief stints at two other schools I have found my home at Currently Thomas S. Wootton High School in Rockville, MD. My current duties are two-fold:

1. A full-time science teacher
2. Biotechnology Workshop Coordinator for the DNA Resource Center.
B.A. Loyola University of Chicago, 1981 (Majors Biology & Journalism)

M.Ed George Washington University, Secondary Science Education, 1996

Teacher Intern, National Institutes of Health/Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 1998-2000.

Science Teacher:
I have taught a myriad of courses such as: Biology (Honors, On-Level, ESSO), Matter & Energy (Honors, Astros & On-level), Horticulture, Molecular Biology, Research Design, and Forensic Science. My current position is three sections of Honors Biology and two sections of Forensic Science.

I involved in either the piloting or development for the Molecular Biology, Forensic Science, Research Design, and Astros courses. I have developed and taught many summer camps included Gene Camp (Wootton HS), DNA and Forensics (Montgomery College), DNA Detectives (Sherwood HS), and Wootton-CSI (Wootton).

I have served as a writer for the Biology curriculum and test item writer for Biology and Forensic Science final exams.

DNA Resource Center/Workshop Coordinator

Under Construction 


Molecular Biology

Forensic Osteology 



DNA Microarray Wet Lab Simulation Brings Genomics into the High School Curriculum, Life Science Education, 2006.

Science Organizations

Application of DNA Fingerprinting (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism) and Gender Testing

DVD in the Classroom: Resources Developed by Teachers, for Teachers, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 2005.

Application of DNA Fingerprinting (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism) and Gender Testing, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 2003.

The Meaning of Sex: Genes & Gender: Correlations to National Standards, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 2003.

Sleep, Sleep Disorders, and Biological Rhythms, National Institutes of Health, National Heart & Lung Institute, 2003.

Print Media:
Middle-schoolers sample careers at summer camp, Gazette Newspapers, July 9, 2008.