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Lisa Webb



  • Higher Ed: Science 


I am a molecular geneticist (Ph.D., University of Tennessee, 2001) and an Assistat Professor of Biology at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia. I have a baccalaureate degree in chemistry (B.A., Maryville College, 1985) and a master's degree in science education (M.Ed., University of Georgia, 1995). I taught high school science (Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Science) in Gwinnett County, Georgia, for seven years before deciding to pursue my Ph.D. (in Biomedical Sciences, with a concentration in Genetics). I did a postdoctoral fellowship at The Jackson Laboratory (Bar Harbor, Maine) before accepting my current tenure-track position at Christopher Newport University.

My research focuses on using genetics to elucidate the answer to a variety of biomedical questions; specifically, I study mouse models of human diseases. I have worked on mouse models of neurological diseases, bleeding disorders, and metabolic diseases such as Type II Diabetes. I have also used molecular genetic techniques to study population structure in isolated populations of Salvelinus fontinalis (brook trout). I spend my summers conducting research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (in Tennessee) and, during the academic year, I try to involve as many students as possible in my ongoing research projects at Christopher Newport University. 


Molecular Genetics, especially mouse models of human diseases 


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