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AnnMarie DiLorenzo



  • Higher Ed: Science 


PhD,MS, New York University,NYC 1972, 1967
Post Doc NIH, Human Genetics NYU Medical Center 72-74
BA Trinity College, Wash, DC 1964

Teaching Areas: Genetics, Tissue Culture

Research Areas: Genetic toxicology, cell proliferation 


The scope of my research interest is focused upon the study of the effects of induced stress on in vitro cell and organ culture systems as an indicator of the effects of stress on the human population. In whole animals, the ability to withstand and cope with environmental insult from xenotoxic agents has been seen to diminish with the added insult of either mental or physiological stress. Cells in culture give indications that "stress environments" interfere with the normal response of our genetic material to protect us in these conditions. All studies are done in vitro and eliminate the unnecessary use of whole animals in research.

I strive to bring the strategies of problem- based learning to our students. To facilitate this goal I encourage the formation of student teams for research which mirror the diverse student population of our department. I strive to move research forward, and continue to bring out the potential of not only our finest students, but also those who struggle. My continued work with PRISM
( Professional Renewal in Science and Math) at my university encourages teachers to revise and improve curriculum K-12. This interest in the strategies to improve Science Education allows me to continue to visit schools through the Adopt-A-Professor Program. My teaching and research will continue to use cooperative learning, inquiry and problem solving strategies to enable students of all levels to understand and appreciate the process of science. 


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