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Alex Vieira



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Alexandre R. Vieira

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Dr. Alex Vieira took a route north that brought him to the University of Pittsburgh after stopping at the University of Iowa for almost six years for a post-doctoral training in human molecular genetics. It was in Iowa City, under the guidance of Dr. Jeffrey Murray that Alex learned how to design and execute human genetics studies. Dr. Vieira received his DDS from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he also did his training in Pediatric Dentistry and received a master's degree that was followed by a PhD in Genetics.
Having great expertise in the area of genetics and clefting, Dr. Vieira is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Oral Biology, at the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh and has secondary appointments at the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at the School of Dental Medicine, and at the Department of Human Genetics at the Graduate College of Public Health. At the School of Dental Medicine, he also is the director of Clinical Research and is the founder and director of the Dental Registry and DNA Repository, the only project in the world to keep DNA samples linked to a comprehensive set of dental clinical information.
Dr. Vieira also worked in the Latin American Birth Defects Registry ECLAMC, and pioneered the collection of biological samples in that multi--country study in 1997. Currently, he combines his background in pediatric dentistry and genetics to develop a research program that aims to provide a better understanding of common dental traits of complex etiology. 


pediatric dentistry
cleft lip and palate 


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