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Dr. Dina Rosen


  • CAMS
    • Roles: Project Evaluator, Project Participant, Kean I-PIT


  • Higher Ed: Mathematics, Higher Ed: Science 


Dina Rosen is an Assistant Professor at Kean University. She has taught on middle school, elementary, and early childhood levels and has served as director of technology of a K-8 school. Dr. Rosen has directed and evaluated sponsored research projects and possesses a strong background in education and evaluation. She has taught courses devoted to evaluation and assessment of the impact of technology on education. Her focus includes classical quantitative methodology as well as Exploratory Data Analysis techniques. She has served as project evaluator for six projects grant funded projects.

Dr. Rosen has a successful track record of professional scholarship and leadership. She is President of NJAECTE, a SIG Vice President in the SITE, Chair of NAECTE ResearchNet, and a member of the National Technology Leadership Coalition. Dr. Rosen participated in the four National Technology Leadership Summits where she served on the task force examining Key Research Questions in the Core Content Disciplines.


Education professor who further develops among peer leaders and faculty working on the CAMS project an understanding of key educational theory and teaching and learning theory . 


Impact of case-based instruction on student teachers'
reflection on facilitating children's learning. Emerging Research Agenda for Technology and Young Children, History of Alternate Route Programs, Representation Using Concrete and Virtual Manipulatives.