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09/03/19Designing Educational Systems to Support Enactment of the Next Generation Science Standards
07/11/18Student Ideas About Computational Thinking Concepts When Learning About Modeling Hydrologic Systems
05/19/18Comp Hydro - Engaging Students in Using Computational Thinking
03/29/17A Scientific Modeling Sequence for Teaching Earth Seasons
05/06/15Teacher Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Using Learning Progressions
04/08/15NARST 2015 Teacher Paper Set - Practice Session
01/20/15NARST 2015 Teacher Paper Set - Planning Meeting
05/21/14Teachers' Uses of Learning Progression-Based Tools for Reasoning in Teaching about Water in Environmental Systems
05/21/14Teachers' Use of Learning Progression-Based Formative Assessment in Water Instruction
03/27/14NARST LP-Based Teaching Group
03/13/14NARST LP-Based Teaching Group
03/05/14water fa
02/27/14NARST LP-Based Teaching Group
02/26/14Evaluating Scientific Arguments with Slow Thinking
02/26/14water fa meeting
01/30/14NARST LP-Based Teaching
01/29/14Water FA Meeting
01/29/14Water FA Meeting
01/16/14NARST LP Teaching Working Meeting
12/19/13NARST LP Teaching Working Meeting
11/21/13Discussion of teachers' LP knowlege and practice
10/24/13NARST LP Teaching Working Meeting
09/26/13NARST LP Teaching Working Meeting
03/22/13MSP PCK cross-strand call
02/06/13MSP PCK Seminar
05/31/12Citizenship meeting 5.31.12
05/10/12Citizenship Meeting 5.10.12
05/03/12Project Wide Seminar: Water PD Summer Plans Update
04/26/12Project Wide Seminar - Teacher Content Knowledge
04/26/12Citizenship meeting 4.26.12
04/24/12Project Seminar: Citizenship & LPTS/LP-PCK Framework
04/19/12Citizenship Meeting April 19, 2012
04/05/12MSP Citizenship Meeting April 5, 2012
04/05/12MSP Citizenship Meeting April 5, 2012
03/22/12Citizenship Meeting 3.22.12
02/23/12Citizenship Meeting Feb 23, 2012
02/16/12Citizenship Meeting Feb 16, 2012
02/03/10Windows into Cultural Competence: Developing Culturally Competent Science Teacher Leaders in the Big Sky Science Partnership