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Karen Peterson




Karen Peterson was born in Butte, Montana the daughter of Alfie and Jean Isaacson. Karen graduated from Butte High School in 1981 and took several years off to travel with friends around the United States. Missoula offered Karen many opportunities for continuing higher education where Karen pursued a degree in Education and Art. Karen graduated in 1992 and married Jeff Peterson. Karen started teaching at Hellgate Elementary in the fifth grade and continues to teach. Karen has two children Taylor and Jacob who keep her busy with their on-going sports, music and friends. Karen is currently in graduate school at the University of Montana specializing in curriculum and instruction. 


Karen Peterson has been a team lead with the NASA Explorer School grant and many others. Through the NASA Explorer School Grant, Karen has facilitated and trained student teachers to use video conferencing in the classroom. She continues to use technology in the classroom to enhance student learning. 


None at this time.