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Dave Hicks


    • Roles: Project Participant


  • Teacher: Science 


Dave started teaching high school science in 1989 in the Los Angeles Unified School District, moved to Japan in 1994 where he taught in both public and private middle schools and high schools there in addition to the Japanese version of a continuation school. In 2001 he returned to the US and high school science teaching. In 2004 Dave moved into a secondary science professional developer role for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Dave worked out of the the Van Nuys Math, Science and Technology center which was one of six such centers that provided resources (live, preserved, kit materials and referbishment in addition to consultation and professional development). Currently working as an instructional support provide within Local District 5 within the LAUSD. Involved in the SCALE MSP project as the lead facilitator for the 6th grade plate tectonics immersion unit. Dave was involved in WestEd's National Academy for Science and Mathmatice Education Leadership.
His research interests are in the link between high quality instructional materials and professional development and their effects on transforming teacher instructional practice. 


Secondary Science Professional Development
Collaborative Partnerships between IHE and 6-12
Co-facilitation models of Professional Development
English Language Learners as applied to science education
Japanese educational models
Use of technology in the classroom 


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