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Jeff Osborn



  • Higher Ed: Science 


I function as a full professor of biology within the UK sponsored Appalachian Math Science Partnership (AMSP). Prior to coming to UK in 2003, I served for 18 years as professor of physiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin where I founded the MCW Center for Science Education. I also directed the efforts to found the Milwaukeed Academy of Science - a K-8 math and science academy that functions as a charter school within central Milwaukee. I also was the founding director of the Greater Hartford Academy of Math and Science at the Learning Corridor in Hartford, CT from 1999-2003 before joining the AMSP project. 


Development of educational technologies that provide effective constructivist professional development using distance learning.

Renal and Cardiovascular Physiology
Neural Control of the Kidney and Blood Pressure 


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Camara, A.K.S. and J.L. Osborn. The role of the AV3Vand alpha adrenergic receptors in acute ICV AII hypertension in rats fed low, normal and high sodium chloride diets from weaning. Acta Physiologica Scandnivavica (submitted for publication).

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