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Luis R. Hernandez


  • Puerto Rico MSP
    • Roles: Project Researcher, Project Professional Developer, Project Staff, Project Participant, Project Guest


  • Higher Ed: Science, Teacher: Science, Researcher, Evaluator, Graduate Student 


Cuban-American entomologist, born in La Habana, Cuba, in 1948. Married with Compte Ezavin (Microbiologist) and father of one son, Karel (Chemist).
I was pupil of Pastor Alayo Dalmau, the Cuban Entomologist father. Author of many articles and books about butterflies and insects and advisor for several Caribbean Butterflies and parasitoids wasp research. Research visitor of the most important Natural History Museums, in USA, England, France and the Caribbean Islands . Curator of Lepidoptera and Insects in the UPR (Mayaguez Campus) and the Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, in Habana, where I was also the Head of the Research Department.
Resident in Puerto Rico since 1996 where I had worked as biology - entomology - ecology - general science and environmental professor in several Puerto Rico Universities. 


Biology - Entomology - Arthropodology - Ecology - General Science - and Environmental 


Field Guide of Cuba-West Indies Butterflies Book plus three books and more that 25 scientific papers.