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Mary Doubleday



  • Higher Ed: Mathematics 


I graduated from Wells College in 1974 with a music major and a math minor. I received an M.Music from Northwestern University in 1976 and then completed my coursework toward a Ph.D. in music history.

In 1983, I began work on a Master of Science in the teaching of Mathematics at the Univ. of Illinois. This was a new program meant to strengthen the teaching of Math in Illinois. The program consisted of 9 one-trimester courses in Math and 3 in education, plus 100 hours of observation and one trimester of student teaching.

Because I had only minored in math in college, I was required to take 7 additional math courses. But since I was a graduate student, these had to be taken at the graduate level. I therefore completed 16 graduate level math courses to receive my M.S.T., which I completed in 1988.

I taught at a private high school before my first child was born. While my children were small, I taught part-time
at CCAC, at DeKalb College in Georgia, and at LaRoche.
I am now in my fourth year as a full time, non-tenure track instructor at Carlow University.