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Jinfa Cai


    • Roles: Project Researcher


  • Higher Ed: Mathematics, Higher Ed: Education 


Jinfa Cai is a Professor and Director of Secondary Mathematics Education at the University of Delaware. In 2000-2001, he was invited to Harvard University as a visiting Professor. In 1994, he earned a Ph. D. in the area of mathematics education from the University of Pittsburgh. His research interest is related to students's learning and mathematical problem solving. In particular, he is interested in how students learn mathematics and solve problems as well as how teachers and teaching impact students's learning and mathematical thinking. He has explored these questions in various educational contexts, both within and across nations. His work has been published in various research journals, including Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, Educational Studies in Mathematics, Journal of Mathematical Behavior, Mathematical Thinking and Learning, Mathematics Education Research Journal, International Review on Mathematics Education, International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, International Journal of Educational Research, Research in Middle Level Education, Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, and Phi Delta Kappan.

Jinfa has served on the Executive Board of American Educational Research Association's Special Interest Group for Research in Mathematics Education (2000-2002) and currently serves on the Editorial Boards of the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (USA), Mathematics Education Research Journal (Australia), Zentralblatt fuer Didaktik der Mathematik (Germany), and International Journal of Mathematics Education (Singapore). He has chaired or organized over 10 symposiums or conferences, including 10th International Congress in Mathematics Instruction's Topic Study Group on Problem Solving Research in Mathematics Education, Copenhagen, Denmark, 4-11 July 2004. 


Cognitive studies of the teaching and learning of mathematics, studies of mathematical curriculum, Mathematical assessment, Cross-cultural studies, Problem solving, and Teacher education. 


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