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Joan Adams



  • Teacher: Elementary, K-12 Administrator 


Joan Adams is an elementary principal for the Charleroi Area School District. Previously, she served as a principal for the South Allegheny School District and as a science resource teacher for ASSET Inc. where she conducted module training of STC, FOSS, and INSIGHTS in addition to planning and conducting professional development classes for teachers and administrators. Joan's science reform expertise includes inquiry-based teaching, questioning techniques, assessment, curriculum, administrative support, and learning cycles. In working closely with four main school districts, interaction with teachers to integrate science was part of the resource teacher colloquia. On a national level, she was part of the faculty for a LASER K-8 Science Education Strategic Planning Institute in Washington D.C. and in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was also a presenter in the inquiry strand at the Nest Steps Institute through the National Science Resources Center in Green Bay Wisconsin. Other presentations include NSTA and AETS. She received her B. S., M.A. and Principal's Certification in elementary education from California University of Pennsylvania. Her additional experiences include teaching in public and Catholic schools, director of a private preschool and coordinator/teacher for elementary Gifted and Talented Students. 


Elementary Education
Science - Inquiry based 


Questioning Techniques, Content and Process
Multi-age grouping