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Robin McDonald




My name is Robin McDonald and I have the pleasure of being the AMSP Regional Program Coordinator for MSU. I have two BS degrees from EKU one in Home Economics majoring in Fashion Merchandising and a second BS in Mathematics with a Standard Teaching Certificate to teach mathematics at the secondary level. I also have a masters in Math Education from EKU. I last attended UK and received a Rank I in Administration & Supervision and am currently in the final stage of completing my EDS degree at UK. 


My area of expertise is mathematics teaching at the secondary level but I have come to enjoy math and science instruction at all levels to include k-12 and higher education. I am delighted to work with AMSP and thorougly enjoy working with school district personnel in the AMSP regions along with AMSP co-workers. I have become familiar and I am very interested in best practices for education especially in mathematics and science instruction grades k-12. AMSP has tapped and captured a hunger in me whereby my goals are the goals of AMSP which is to increase student achievement through AMSPs many projects and goals. 


"Analysis of AMSP" by Robin McDonald

This research paper was written and revised as part of my research project for the EDS degree at the University of Kentucky.

Dr. James Rinehart is chairperson for my committee.
Dr. Lars Bjork & Dr. Joyce Logan are both members of my committee.