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Jeffery Murfree


    • Roles: Project Professional Developer, Project Guest



Director, PreK-12 STEM Educator Professional Development
Teacher Resource Network/The Teacher Channel

Jeffery joined the Teacher Resource Network/The Teacher Channel as the director of Prek-12 STEM Educator Professional Development in 2007. His current responsibilities include the development and implementation of STEM educator professional development and opportunities. He is also responsible for the development and coordination of TRN Master Teacher network. Jeff has strong relationships in the prek-12 education community and its national partners. Jeff has provided professional development in STEM to teachers, students and schools and school system administrators throughout the country.

He has nine years of management experience in developing, implementing and managing STEM educator professional development in regional workshops and summer residential institutes at SECME Inc. Jeff loves working with teachers and engaging them in content, pedagogy and leadership to increase and improve their effectiveness in the classroom and to improve student achievement.

He has fourteen years of teaching experience as a science teacher at Southside Comprehensive High School in Atlanta, GA. He has taught every science course offered in the Atlanta Public School System and was most recently teaching Environmental Science and Physical Science. Jeffery loves teaching and kids. At Southside, his other duties include assistant SECME school coordinator, Head Baseball Coach, and Teacher Technology Resource aide.

Jeffery is a True Colors facilitator. He conducts True Colors workshops for teachers, parents, students and church groups to help them learn about themselves and appreciate the learning styles and diversity of others. He currently is a certified field trainer of the Marco Polo Internet Content for the Classroom/Thinkfinity. He is also one of only fifty teachers selected by WGBH and PBS as an Evolution Lead Teacher. In these roles, Jeffery plans, develops and leads workshop training for teachers. The training workshops introduce teachers to strategies and methods in Classroom Integration of Internet Content in all subject areas and provide teachers with on-going technical assistance in lesson planning and lesson development with Internet Content. The Evolution workshops provide teachers with numerous resources for teaching evolution and strategies for introducing the extremely sensitive subject matter that is the center of all science instruction. His motto about teaching is, Learning is supposed to be fun, if it isnt fun it probably isnt worth learning. Jefferys specialty is hands-on activities and learning with technology.

Jeff came into education through a different door. He is a poultry scientist by training and spent ten years in the poultry industry as a researcher, pathologist and processing manager. He still consults for many poultry companies today. Jeff also owns and operates an environmental consulting business, Tidewater Engineering Consultants, LLC. He provides wetland delineations and designs and plans man-made lakes and ponds. 


STEM Professional Development for K-12 Teachers