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Al Mc Milin




Al Mc Milin came to the Office of Public Instruction 3 years ago after a 30 year career in Montana education. Al is certified at and has taught at both the elementary and secondary levels. He has served as an elementary principal, high school principal and for 16 years as a superintendent. He has a masters degree in school administration and completed his doctoral studies in school administration but not his dissertation. He began his career in a rural two-room school and over the span of his career, he saw service in a variety of Montana communities and districts small and large. Over the past 12 years Al has had considerable training and experience in developing and implementing standards-based education and continuous improvement models for schools and districts. He is a certified trainer and has been a workshop presenter in Curriculum Mapping (Heidi Hayes Jacobs), Assessment Development/Learning Teams (Rick Stiggins) and Standards-Based Education/Data Driven Decision Making (Doug Reeves). He serves as Montana's coordinator for Title II Part B - Math Science Partnership program, Title II Part A - State Level Activities and the Montana Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (MSEC) project which was developed in collaboration with the CCSSO SEC Initiative. Al serves as the state representative to that CCSSO collaborative. 


Professional Development Design and Implementation
Continuous Improvement Design and Implementation for Schools