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Wanda Creel


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Dr. Wanda Creel serves as the Georgia Department of Education Director of the Division of School Improvement. The School Improvement Division's goal is to design and implement a coherent and sustained statewide system of support and process for improvement, providing local education agencies and schools in Georgia with tools and resources as well as intensive support for schools not making Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). In this position, she is leading the implementation of school improvement initiatives for the State of Georgia as well as serving as the facilitator for collaboration of support agencies. Dr. Creel serves on numerous boards and councils. Most recently, Wanda has been appointed to serve on the Board of Directors for the National Dropout Prevention Network and the Georgia Association of Elementary School Principals.
Dr. Creel has served as a high school teacher, a middle school assistant principal, an elementary school principal, a district level curriculum director, and adjunct professor for graduate educational leadership programs. Her experiences K-12 and beyond bring a broad perspective to the arena of school improvement and increased student achievement. 


Leadership, School Improvement, Curriculum