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Vicki Soutar


    • Roles: Project Professional Developer, Project Participant


  • Teacher: Science, Teacher: High School 


26 years at Oconee County High School in the science dept. Presently teaching high school level earth science and oceanography. Previously taught geology; physical science; biology and human anatomy and physciology. BS Geology from UGA; MED Secondary Science Education from UGA; Eduational Specialist Secondary Science from UGA; National Board Certification in Young Adult and Adolescent Science- focus Earth and Space. Coach of the 4th place
National Ocean Sciences Bowl Team
Married for 16 years and have 2 cats; SCUBA and underwater photography as a hobbie 


Earth Science; Oceanography and Geology
Inclusion class rooms
Presently studying use of hydrothermal vent research and other oceanographic research programs in the classroom.
Ambassador for Georgia Learn and Serve for the State DOE; master trainer in use of school and community service projects to encourage students to aquire and apply content knowledge in a real world situation-academic service learning
Inquiry labs/activities
Fieldtrips designed for active learning of standards 


Set Sail With Science; NSTA "The Science Teacher"; March 2010, Vol. 77, no. 3