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Curtis Olsen



  • Higher Ed: Science 


Successful scientist and federal/university administrator with an exceptional record of building research programs and securing funds. Experienced in coordinating research and developing educational programs across the science disciplines in academia, federal agencies, international organizations, and the private sector. Well-established research career in using biogeochemical tracers for understanding and quantifying environmental processes. Authored or co-authored over 60 papers and documents, including three published in Science and one in Nature. Awarded Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Author of the Year and Martin Marietta's (now Lockheed Martin) Jefferson Cup for Excellence (the Corporation's highest honor) for research leading to a new fundamental understanding of the behavior of particles, contaminants and carbon at the land/ocean interface. Effective record in science program direction, technology transfer, and interdepartmental/interagency coordination. 


Environmental Biogeochemistry and Forensics 


Oktay, S.D., D.J. Brabander, J.P. Smith, J. Kada, T. Bullen, and C.R. Olsen. 2003. WTC geochemical
fingerprint recorded in New York Harbor sediments.
EOS Transactions of the American Geophysical Union