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Robin Denson




Robin L. Denson earned a PhD in Archaeology and Fluvial Geomorphology from the University of St Andrews, Scotland in 1995. She co-founded the Gulf Archaeology Research Institute in Florida in 1992 where she worked in historic, prehistoric, and underwater archaeology until relocating to Huntsville in 2000. With a background in non-profit management of Earth and social sciences including development and implementation of educational programs with GIS and environmental applications, she was drawn to the challenges that systemic STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education reform faces in implementing inquiry-based citizen-science education programs in America's schools and educational systems.

From 2003 - 2006 Robin served as the Executive Director of the Alabama Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Coalition bringing its membership and funding level up four-fold so that the coalition could more effectively perform its duties to support STEM education reform and to facilitate communication among its stakeholders.

Since 2001, she has worked at UAH on the National Space Science and Technology Center's Education and Public Outreach team. Her duties include strategic planning for the Center's education program development and implementation of the plan, increasing the participation of business and industry in Alabama's systemic STEM education reform activities, and proposal development.

She supports systemic STEM education reform well by bringing her organizational, leadership, and strategic thinking skills to bear on the development of partnerships in science education reform involving innovative roles for government, academia, business and industry STEM professionals. She enjoys using her experience in international scientific research and her formal training in cultural and applied anthropology to aid in expanding the systemic STEM education reform's integrated stakeholder support model. 


proposal development, stratetic planning, communications 


Denson, R.L. and G.N. Cox (2004) The Anthropology of Science Education Reform: An Alabama Model for Building an Integrated Stakeholder Systems Approach. Proceedings of the AGU Fall Meeting, San Franscisco CA. 7-11 December 2004.

Denson, R.L. and G.N. Cox (2003) Alabama Math, Science and Technology Education Coalition (AMSTEC): Partnering to Support Systemic Math, Science and Technology (STEM) Education Reform in Alabama. Proceeding of the AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA. 8-12 December 2003.