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Raul Portuondo


  • Puerto Rico MSP
    • Roles: Project Professional Developer, Project Participant


  • Higher Ed: Science 


EdD (Doctor en en Ciencias Pedaggicas, Univ.Habana, 1992)
MSc (Lic. en Fsica, UH, 1970)
Bachelor in Science (Inst.Habana, 1964)
Thirty years teaching Physics at Havana University, Faculty of Physics. Ten years training Physics to Cuban participants in Internacional Physics Olimpiads. One semester invited by Mexican Society of Physics, teaching Physics to Mexican participants in International Olimpiads of Physics. Ten years teaching Physics at UPR-Cayey.
Nine books and handbooks of General Physics and Issues on Physics Education. Trainer of Physics Teachers of 10-12 grades in Puerto Rico (AlACiMa Project). 


Teaching of University Physics (General and Intermediate Physics)and High School Physics.
Preparation of talented students in Physics to participate in Physics Olimpiads.
Preparation of Physics teachers. 


"Problemas de Matemtica en la Fsica", UPR-C, 2002.
"Laboratorio de Fsica I", 2000, UPR-C.
"Apuntes para el curso de Fsica II", UPR-C, 1998.
"Apuntes para el curso de Fsica I", UPR-C, 1997.