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Stephen Krause


  • Higher Ed: Science, Higher Ed: Engineering 


Stephen Krause is Professor in the School of Materials in the Fulton School of Engineering. He teaches courses in general materials engineering, polymer science, characterization of materials, and materials selection and design. He conducts research in innovative education in engineering, including a Materials Concept Inventory, and also in adapting design, engineering and technology concepts to K-12 education. 


Understanding conceptual development in undergraduate chemistry and materials engineering and development of a chemistry concept inventory and a materials concept inventory. Adapting engineering design principles for K-12 education through graduate education courses and development of a high school engineering signature program 


1. S. Krause, J. Kelly, A. Tasooji, J. Corkins D. Baker, & S. Purzer (2009) "Effect of Pedagogy on Conceptual Change in an Introductory Materials Science Course". Manuscript accepted for publication in International Journal of Engineering Education 9/9/09.

2. S. Krause, R. Culbertson, M. Carlson, and M. Oehrtman, (2008) "High School Teacher Change, Strategies, and Actions in a Professional Development Project Connecting Mathematics, Science, and Engineering", Proceedings of the 38th IEEE/ASEE Frontiers in Education Conference, Saratoga, NY. Dasher best paper in conference award.

3. D. Baker, S. Yasar, S. Robinson Kurpius, S. Krause, C. Roberts, (2007) "An Intervention on Tinkering and Technical Self-Confidence and the Understanding of the Social Relevance of Science and Technology". J. Engineering Education, 96 (3), 213-226

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