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Karen Marrongelle



Karen Marrongelle received her Ph.D. from the University of New Hampshire in 2001 and joined the faculty a Portland State Univeristy Department of Mathematics & Statistics that same year. Her research interests include the learning and teaching of undergraduate mathematics, mathematics teacher professional development, and integrated mathematics and science education. She has published on mathematics student learning and teaching in journals such as The Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, The Journal of Mathematical Behavior, and The Mathematics Teacher.

Karen was a co-principle investigator for a National Science Foundation MSP, Oregon Mathematics Leadership Institute Partnership, a five-year project involving 10 Oregon school districts, 180 K-12 teachers of mathematics and 98 school and district administrators. The project is aimed at increasing the mathematics achievement of K-12 students by creating sustainable and generative leadership capacity within the ten partner school districts. She was also co-principle investigator for a National Science Foundation IERI, Investigating the Effectiveness of the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory Mathematics Problem Solving Model, a five-year project investigating the impact of mathematics professional development on middle school mathematics teachers' use of problem solving as formative assessment.