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Ahrash Bissell



  • Higher Ed: Science, Higher Ed: Education, Researcher 


Dr. Bissell has devoted the past several years to educational research and technology, pedagogical and curriculum development, assessment (with a focus on critical-thinking skills and metacognition), and facilitating interdisciplinary research, especially via open dissemination, data sharing, and web-based "communities of expertise." Most recently, Dr. Bissell was the Executive Director of ccLearn, the education program of Creative Commons, a non-profit in California that provides legal and technical infrastructure to facilitate information sharing and distributed collaboration. Prior to that, Dr. Bissell was at Duke University (Durham, NC) where he was a Research Associate in Biology and the Assistant Director of the Academic Resource Center. He received his BS in Biology in 1994 from UC San Diego, followed by a Ph.D. in Biology in 2001 from the University of Oregon, where he pursued research on animal behavior and evolutionary genetics. In addition to his relationship with the MSP TASC project, he is also sits on the boards of several organizations active in these areas, and serves as a research consultant for the Alexandria Archive Institute. 


Educational technology, assessment, pedagogy, science education, biological research, interdisciplinary research, global movements