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Geoffrey Phelps



  • Researcher 


Geoffrey Phelps is an Assistant Research Scientist at the University of Michigan. Geoffrey's work spans elementary mathematics and language arts, using comparisons between the subjects to better understand teacher knowledge, teaching practice, and policies designed to improve instruction in these subjects. Phelps currently works on three research projects. The Study of Instructional Improvement is a large-scale, multi-method study of whole-school reforms in reading/language arts and mathematics in high-poverty elementary schools. Phelps has been the lead developer of the English language arts log, a daily self-administered instrument designed to gather detailed records of elementary instruction over the course of a school year. Phelps has also developed both survey and interview measures designed to investigate the knowledge of reading teachers use in teaching elementary reading. The Assessing Reading Knowledge project investigates how different types of measures of teacher knowledge are associated with both instruction and student achievement in the area of primary reading instruction. The Learning Mathematics for Teaching Project develops and disseminates measures of mathematical knowledge for teaching. Phelps serves as a psychometrician and analyst assisting external professional development and research projects in using the measures and conducting validation work through use of video records of instruction and interview data. Phelps' publications focus on the technical issues of measuring teacher knowledge and the role that teacher knowledge plays in instruction and in learning to teach.