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Sara Lacy



  • Higher Ed: Science 


Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Princeton University, 1986
M.S. in Civil Engineering, Columbia University, 1982
B.S. in Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Columbia University, 1981
A.B. in Anthropology, Harvard University, 1976

Senior Scientist, TERC, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2001-present. Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tufts University, 1991-1997.
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Rutgers University, 1987-1990.  


Current work includes developing science curriculum around matter and energy for K-8 teachers for The Fulcrum Institute for Education in Science, science curriculum for grades 3-5 in The Inquiry Project, and science content for Statistics for Action, a project to build the capacity of environmental organizations to teach quantitative literacy skills to adults. Past work includes development of Earth Science and Engineering courses for Lesley/TERC online Masters in Science Education program and curriculum development for high school physics text, Physics That Works, Kendall-Hunt, 2005.